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100 Extraordinary Women

Giving every woman the power to do something extraordinary by supporting a renovated and expanded Sun Prairie Library.

Thank you to all who participated to help make this an amazing kick off to the capital campaign! 

Barbara Bailey

Marion Connolly

Heather Barkholtz

In memory of Louette D. Bartol

In memory of Olive F. Behling

Mary Bell

Kathleen Berman

Elaine A. Pfaff

Mardell Blaschka

Faustina Bohling

Terry Braatz

Jen Brandt

April Brazier

Juanona Brewster

Ann Brown

Stephanie Buske

Sally Campbell

Lorie Candelmo

Sridevi Casuba

Kathy Chase

The Clostermery Women

Jennifer Cresson

Maureen Crombie

Kasia Czajkowska-Virgell

Stacy Darga

In honor of Regina Propst

Amber and Rose Ann De Petro if there is room, if not Amber De Petro

Analiese Eicher

Erickson girls-Rachael, Sophie, & Aubrey

Carol Esser

Hazel Shultis Estervig

Jeanie Farmer

Judy Fenske

Nancy Francisco-Welke

Tracy Frank

Elaine Gauger 

Barbara Sanders

Titania Gauger

Cynthia Gauger

Lorelei Gauger

Beatrix Gauger


Judith Geller

In honor of Mary Bushey

Connie Reimer Glise

In honor of Evelyn Dillard-Goldsberry

Sandra Grady

In memory of Carrie L. Gray

In memory of Barbara Hagens

Connie Hanson

Mary Ellen Havel-Lang

Ginny Heim

Loretta Herold

Svetha Hetzler

Latoya Holiday

In Honor of Loretta Holmen

Linda Hopfensperger

Bryn Horton

In honor of Garland "Gary" Quamme

Jayanthi Iyer

Molly Jeffers

Mary Kauggman

Vickie Kaufman

In honor of Erin Syth McMillan

Hollie Kemmer

Rebecca Ketelsen

Connie Kielty

Elizabeth Kim

Teresa Kim

Antoinette Schuster Klein

Sara Klemme

Amy Knock

Kim Koss

Janet Roberts Kostka

Alice Palmer

Terri Lattimer

Nan Linde

Emily Lindsey

Dottie Lothe

Alexandra E. Ludwig

Pat Lund

Donna C. Mackey

Alexandria Mahoney

Joy D. Matthews

Lauren McDaniel Hoff

Diana McFarland

Theresa McIlroy

Ann M. McNeary

Susan J. McNeary

Sun Prairie High School Class of 1973

Cynthia Mestelle

Sara Milewski

Pat Zietlow Miller

Lisa Moling

Connie Schneider

Kate M Morand

Alice A. Murphy

Lauren Murphy

Ginger L. Murray

Janet Nelson

Samantha Nieman

Nancy Nikolay

Peggy O'Brien

Diann Fritsch

Claire Ogunsola

Erica Oppenheimer

Christina N. Outlay, Ph.D.

Lynette Owens


Teran Peterson

Sandra Pittelli

Jamie Racine

'Dear Aai Shilpa Rane' --- means 'dear mother' -- or just 'Shilpa Rane'

Melissa Ratcliff

Shannon Reagan-Shaw

Heather Rediger

Barbara L Reindl

Terri Renk

Sharon M. Renk

Rebecca Renk

Valerie Renk

Mary Ritter

In Loving Memory of Marjorie Detroy

Lillian Barr

Brooke Saron

Lynn Montague

Erin Schroeder

Sharon Scott

Cindi Semmann

Ann Semmann

In Honor of the Semmann Family

Patti Sensenbrenner

Judith Singletary

The Sink Family


The Dedicated Women of Sun Prairie Public Library's Circulation Services

Savoring the memories of Norma Kendall 

Geri Stenstrup

Theresa Stevens

In Loving Memory of Peggy Strother

Jodi Sweeney

Mary Taylor

Jan Thompson

In honor of the Thornburg grandchildren

Monica Titley, Titley Insurnace

Yolanda Eveans

Judith A. Traband

Rita Tubbs

Maralee Tubbs

Staci Uebersetzig

Cheryl Van Dyke

Teri Van Tassel

Nancy Veenendaal

In memory of my elder sister Madhu

Wanless-Werwie Family

Vicky A. Weier

Donna Weisensel

Retired Educators Coffee Club

Heather Wende

Pat Wende

Julie Wiedmeyer

Staci Willems

Christina Williams

Lucile Knaak

Brenda Yang

Patricia Zastrow

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