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Giving Tuesday

This year for Giving Tuesday, we have an exciting opportunity to double your gift! A generous donor has given $5,000 to be matched during Giving Tuesday, for a total of $10,000!

We will kick off Giving Tuesday on Tuesday, November 22nd and end it at midnight on Tuesday, November 29th. It's a Double-Tuesday opportunity!

Family Workstation

A place for caregivers and little ones to spend time at library. These workstations allow caregivers a chance to get a little work done or locate books within the Library while a child can stay entertained with interactive literary-based toys.


One of our goals in the library expansion project is to make all people feel welcome and supported. These stations help new caregivers re-enter after a time spent at home with baby. Also great for those with new walkers and runners to take a moment to rest and research a topic or book.

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