Make A Difference

When you support the Sun Prairie Public Library Foundation, you truly make a difference. In 2017, thanks to the continued support of the community, the endowment grew to over $500,000 and the Foundation now gives 100% of its investment income to the library.  

The Sun Prairie Public Library Foundation relies on the time and talents of our board members and others in our community to successfully complete its important work raising much needed funding for our library. The Foundation also relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses, whose generous donations and sponsorships allow the donation to provide for some of the extras not covered by tax dollars. 


While we look to public funds to provide the community with an adequate level of service, the Sun Prairie Public Library aspires to serve its community at an outstanding level. The Foundation was created to encourage private donations and bequests that will support the operations and activities of the Library, providing that margin of excellence. Please consider supporting the Foundation either through a gift now, or through a bequest. With your help the Sun Prairie Public Library will continue to grow, serving our community in ways we can only dream of today.

Below are some of the past initiatives the Foundation has funded, all of which have been successful in providing superior library service to our community. There are also three links where you can learn more about how your contributions of time, talent or funds can help our library grow.


Expanded Library Service:

A partnership with the Dane County Library Service to increase public library service outside of our regular ours and location


Building Exterior Summer with Prairie Ga

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