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Next Chapter 

The Sun Prairie Public Library Foundation is excited to embark on a $3.5 Million dollar capital campaign to support the renovation and expansion of the Sun Prairie Public Library.

The campaign will begin in 2022 and run through 2023, with many options to participate and give.

To get a feeling of what is to come, please watch the walk through video.

Next Chapter Expansion Project.png
Expansion Project
Front Entrance.png

Keeping the main entrance and adding a multi-use atrium to the front. The atrium allows for extended access to community meeting rooms, book pickup after hours, year round reading space, social gathering space and community resiliency.

Side and Front View.png

A second entrance allows for easier access from a new parking lot into the atrium (think about Wisconsin winters...and springs). Also shown is expandable outdoor programing space coming off the youth services area of the Library. For those who have attended a Storytime with Ms. Lynn or Ms. Sammy, you will appreciate the option of opening doors to allow more to join! The outdoor space extends to the south of the building creating additional outdoor reading and programming opportunities to enjoy the beautiful prairie and nature around the Library.

Amphitheater View.png

The outdoor amphitheater is truly a site to behold! Seating for over 250 allows for many programs to grow, especially Summer Reading programs like the popular Zoozort! Many programs are held outdoors, but only the first couple of rows might be able to see. With this feature, everyone has a chance to see, participate, learn and engage. We look forward to hosting more and expanding current programming without turning excited participants away!


This is an inside look of the general layout for the renovation and expansion. The blue zone highlights the Youth Services area and dedicated (light brown zone) Teen area. Each have study rooms and specific features for the developmental groups. Additional meeting spaces and study rooms are added to existing space. A new Makerspace room is included! Staff space will be reorganized to better meet the internal workings of the Library. The Renk Room (Fireplace room) and Community Room will remain, but receive new carpeting, lighting and technology.

I'm ready to give to this great project!

Ways to Give to the Next Chapter Capital Campaign

1. Fill out the form to the left and share with friends and family that you support your local library.

2. Make a recurring monthly gift (also using the form to the left).

3. To make a gift over 5 years, download a pledge form.​ This form can be returned to the library or to

4. Ask your company to match gifts for a select period of time!

5. Participate in upcoming events and mini campaigns, and bring a friend!

6. Consider adding the Sun Prairie Library Foundation to your will. Bequests have a major impact on the future programing the Library can offer!

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